Fall Boots


Fall is the perfect season to wear ankle boots. They are super versatile, chic, and do a fantastic job of keeping your feet warm. They never seem to go out of style and are such a staple piece to include in your wardrobe. At Monica’s we have a wide range of ankle boots that will be perfect for a quick trip to the grocery store, to school, or a night out on the town. Here are some of our favorites!


1. Giuseppe black suede ankle boots $249 2. Nine West black ankle boots $29 3. Fiorentini Baker grey ankle boots $189 4. Rockport brown ankle boots $109 5. vintage Nine West yellow combat boots$19 6. Bucco cognac ankle platforms $49

Tempted to buy a pair yet?

By far the best thing about ankle boots is its ability to be so functionable, comfortable, and fashionable, all at the same time. They have an uncanny ability to appeal to a wide range of styles. Whether you prefer wearing a classic t-shirt and jeans combo, or enjoy dressing up ankle boots are essential! They go with anything that you can think of, and are so easy to just slip on and head out the door in the morning – the perfect go-to shoe for the fall. Need inspiration? Look no further! We’ve compiled some great ways to wear ankle boots!

Firstly, some casual looks: even though they all seem to be quite casual, you can still go for a more laid back look or for a more put together one. Secondly, some more formal looks: pair the boots with a formal dress or a sweater and a pencil skirt for a dressed up look.

4 responses to “Fall Boots

  1. Love all of you guys I’m back in town see you this week 😉

    The shoes ,and clothes are to die for .
    If you haven’t visited this BOSS store you are truly missing out.

    Check them out I promise no disappointment


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