Monica’s interview with Alpharetta Business Radio

Monica Murray is a registered nurse, former airline employee, with Delta, world traveler and an inveterate shopper.  Monica tells a funny story of what lead her to open her own women’s fashion consignment store in Johns Creek.  Something about a closet that threatened to overwhelm her house…

The big surprise is how a lady with a passion for helping people and loving to find bargains and unusual things turned it into a business. It’s inspiring when you realize she started it as her first business venture and is now doing so well.  Jewelry, clothing and unique new crafts that Monica selects to help people with great talent and vision show off their crafts in a great, high traffic location and gain a following make her shop a stand out among other similar stores.

Monica does point out that consignment store owners are something of specialists, some handle furniture, others clothing for children, others women’s apparel and accessories etc.  Most know the others and can point you to a store where they know you can find something you are looking for that is not in their store.

Read more & Listen to the full interview

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